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    ROSE’S NAME Kabalarian REPORT

    Part 1: Your Life Purpose/Birthpath – May 28, 1967 At birth, with the first breath, a spiritual essence and purpose became a part of you and gave you life, caused your heart to beat, and your systems to work, and activated your physical growth. Your particular date of birth determines your unique core purpose, […]

    2/23/17 Rant

    My sis Rose went to have a CT SCAN for her hernia at a local Morristown TN diagnostic center. They called her back 3 hours after appt time and then they would NOT even assist her to get on the CT scanner. She calls me balling her eyes out. They treated her like shit. So […]

    Rose Natal Chart

    Rose Sex F Welch, WV 54 United States 05/28/1967 13:15 – Julian day 2439639.22 Timezone -4.00 ST 4.11 Lat 37.26 Long 81.35 Planet Positions, Ascendant, & Houses

    The following table shows the position of the planets in your chart, by sign and degree. On the right, you will find the sign of your Ascendant and […]

    Angela & Rose

    After a long sabbatical

    we are now back

    Angela & Rose

    So much has happened in our lives.

    Good and Bad.

    I have been diagnosed with focal seizures Epilepsy and Charcot-Marie-Tooth  Syndrome Type 1A, a form of muscular dystrophy

    Took all my life for the docs to discover why […]