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    ROSE’S NAME Kabalarian REPORT

    Part 1: Your Life Purpose/Birthpath – May 28, 1967
    At birth, with the first breath, a spiritual essence and purpose became a part of you and gave you life, caused your heart to beat, and your systems to work, and activated your physical growth. Your particular date of birth determines your unique core purpose, the reason for your life, and pathway you should follow for ultimate happiness.

    Whether your birthpath fully expresses depends upon your names, for the names create your personality and are the compelling forces that shape your life. The birthpath is the potential to be understood and consciously expressed through a mind harmonized to one’s purpose.

    May 28, 1967: [revise birthdate]

    Your purpose, measured from the date of your birth, is to be the peacemaker, diplomat, or mediator in many situations. You have the potential to understand the thoughts and feelings of others through your natural sensitivity, gentleness, and the receptivity of your inner nature, which allows you to be aware of and adaptable to the needs of others. Your role is to explore new ways to deal with people. Your potential is to bridge differences between people through understanding their differing viewpoints and to use diplomacy and the ability to negotiate in order to bring about co-operation, harmony, and progress.

    You must become mentally individual and independent with clarity of perspective so as not to be unduly influenced by others. By maintaining strict confidentiality and high standards of conduct, you could lead others by your example of refinement in thought and speech. Your inner qualities of flexibility, quick-mindedness, and intuition could be channelled into advisory, counselling, or consulting opportunities.

    Balance your responsibilities to others by finding time to be alone to think and plan and to write down your thoughts. Your potential reveals an ability to write, compose, or take part in drama.

    Set aside time to enjoy sports, competitive or otherwise, and to spend time outdoors in such activities as hiking, skiing, skating, or camping.

    Your greatest happiness will come as you find ways to blend your unique and independent perspective with your ability to understand and assist others.


    These are your inner qualities, according to your birthpath which is determined from your birthdate of May 28, 1967. It is your duty to express through your intelligence; i.e., it is your mission in life—but this can be materialized in action only if the plane of mind or desires created by the name are the same as these inherent qualities and coincide with a successful destiny number (See the section on Destiny).

    The following analysis of your names and signature will show the inconsistency between the expression of your personal nature created by your names of Rose Goode and your birthpath.

    Correcting your Birth Date

    Birth time around midnight?
    Part 2: Analysis of Your Names
    Why Names Matter

    Too many people today suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and materially—all due to lack of understanding of the principles of name. Yes, proper foods and good physical habits are essential and are the building blocks to a strong, healthy body, but they are not the complete answer. Everyone searches for happiness, health, and understanding. The first step towards this goal is knowing the reasons why you think the way you do and how your thoughts create your life pattern; your happiness, health, and success.

    In your Name Report, your names are analyzed using the 26-letter English alphabet. However the effect of your names in English may be modified somewhat if, in addition, your names were created from a different alphabet. We would be pleased to discuss this matter with you.

    Middle names do not determine your personality traits and are not analyzed unless you are called by your middle name. If your middle name is a part of your business signature, it would have an overall influence in your business affairs and would be described in the business signature section.

    Your First Name(s)
    Your most used first name(s) reveals your personality—your desires, ideals, goals, ambitions, as well as potential health weaknesses.


    Rose [edit/add name]

    Your first name of Rose has made you a very kind, thoughtful, and sociable person. Because of your friendly and diplomatic qualities, you make friends easily. You shine as a hostess as you instinctively know how to make everyone feel relaxed and friendly. Unfortunately, people are apt to take advantage of you because you are too easygoing and hate to face issues. You find it very difficult to make decisions. Procrastination is your worst enemy as you are inclined to be dreamy and idealistic. Out of kindness, you make promises that are impossible to keep, although you always have the best intentions. You tend to scatter your efforts, though you are enthusiastic initially; but when it comes to handling the monotonous details, your interest wanes. This name does not offer you practicality, system, or concentration.

    Because you are sensitive and impressionable, you are strongly affected by others and conditions around you. People are inclined to come to you seeking solutions to their problems and, because you have the ability to sense the feelings of others, you usually give good advice. Since your life is people-oriented, you must always hold confidences and guard your tongue, as gossiping is inclined to be a weakness of your name. If those around you are quarreling, you would want to try to be the mediator to create understanding between them. Yours is a quick mind and you can usually think of something to say when there is a need to offset or deflect an unpleasant situation, sometimes even stretching the truth a little when it is expedient. You want very much for everyone to be happy and friendly.

    You, in turn, need support from others since you do not like to stand alone. Being affectionate, loving, and romantic, you tend to be governed more by your feelings than by reason. Thus your name causes you to be temperamental and very emotional at times. Your desires often override your better judgment. It is difficult for you to say “no” and mean it, as you do not like to hurt people’s feelings.

    You are not inclined to be athletic, but prefer instead such activities as dancing and social events. You love music, drama, and artistic creations, fashionable clothes, and refined surroundings. If given the training, you could do well in art, music, singing, or creative design. You enjoy spending money and are generous, and since you are not very practical, you must be wary of those who would appeal to your feelings and encourage you to spend beyond your means.

    The influence of your first name limits your energy in that it would cause weaknesses in the fluid functions of your body through poor circulation. Also, either kidney and bladder weaknesses, female disorders, swollen ankles and feet, or varicose veins could pose problems for you. Your fondness for sweets and starchy foods affects the liver, causes skin trouble, and could result in overweight. As you grow older, arthritis could also be present. You may not necessarily develop all of these problems, but with this name these are the areas where weaknesses could occur when poor eating and living habits exist.

    Controlling your desires is challenging for you as this names makes you happy-go-lucky, carefree, and not interested in restraint and discipline.


    The weaknesses of the your current first name of Rose can be offset with a balanced first name . A balanced first name expresses a positive vibration that will free your mind to pursue your natural calling. You will find your thinking expanding, changing, and becoming creative in new ways. You will start to attract progressive opportunities to help you fulfil your purpose and to find success in every area of your life. As a result, you will naturally find personal contentment and happiness. See the recommendations section for more information.

    Important: If your legal name is different than your most used name of Rose we would encourage to add your legal first name to your Name Report so you can get an analysis of this first name as it is a very important influence in your life. For example:

    Joseph (legal)
    Joe (most used)
    J (nickname)
    Add and analyze my legal first name

    Your Surname(s)
    The family name is the influence of your background, your home environment, the strengths and weaknesses, and the hereditary traits.

    It must be clearly borne in mind that this is a generalization of the attributes of the surnames given, and in some cases, the characteristics are modified by the first name. But, if not modified by the first name, the attributes described will predominate. The fault lies in the name, and will carry on to the heirs bearing that name.


    Goode [edit/add name]

    The surname of 8-2-1Goode creates a family that has the ambition and vision to be successful and affluent in the material world, but, unfortunately, circumstances force them, time and time again to start over. They persevere with hard work, sometimes steam-rollering their way through obstacles, but are denied the opportunity to benefit fully from their efforts; as a result, all that focused intensity can revert to frustration and unhappiness. Although they are loyal to family and friends, their tendency to be strong in their opinions and to say what they think regardless of the feelings of others, can create alienation. This surname spoils relaxation and congenial association, for its influence is too forceful and aggressive. Some members of this family may find release from this strong driving force in creative endeavours, possibly through innovative design and inventiveness. Often, attention revolves around the wishes of the most dominant family member. With such independent, self-centred qualities, there is little merging of minds or spontaneous giving to one another-qualities so necessary for creating harmony and happiness in close relationships. The strictness and rigidity in the home environment is particularly stressful for those who are more sensitive and who crave a show of affection and understanding. Young adults often strike out on their own at an early age, both to remove themselves from being dominated and to fulfil the urge to make their own way. Weaknesses in the health in this family would centre either in the head, in the eyes, teeth, sinuses, or throat, or in the generative organs, causing female problems or prostate gland trouble.


    This surname of Goode has limitations and it is not in harmony with your first name and birthdate. It is another influence that could create confusion and lack of good health over time. All hereditary characteristics are carried down each family through the surname. When a woman adopts a new surname through marriage or alters her surname in any way, she will inherit the weaknesses and strengths of the new surname. These are some of the complications of surnames.

    A balanced last name harmonized to a balanced first name and to your date of birth of May 28, 1967 will give you the optimum benefits so that you can achieve the success of your goals and your life’s purpose.

    Your Combined Names(s) Create Your Destiny
    Your combined names show your desires, long-term ambitions, and accomplishments and create your destiny or your experiences and the conditions that become part of your life.


    Rose Goode [edit/add name]

    The combination of the names Rose Goode takes you into positions where you must work hard and persevere. You desire to be independent, but you are not taken into a leadership role, nor do you meet people who offer mental stimulation and vision. You are required to do technical, mechanical work, or to handle much detail. As opportunities are restricted, you are forced to take advantage of small opportunities to make progress, which can be steady, but it is not in proportion to your hard work and consistent effort. Under these names there is little to show for all your conscientious hard work and consistent effort. Any weakness in your health could also show in your organs of digestion and elimination.


    Your combined name of Rose Goode describes the sum total of your experiences and reveals the degree of happiness and success you have accomplished in your life. Have you achieved your best or does life seem mediocre? We can assist you in making positive changes to find your best possible level of success and happiness. Remember to take advantage of your free 1/2 hour telephone consultation for additional support.

    Your Business Signature(s)
    Your business signature denotes the degree of your financial success and the type of occupations you are drawn into.


    Important: If your business signature is different than your most used full name of Rose Goode we would encourage to add your business signature(s) to your Name Report so you can get an analysis of these names as they are a key influence on your business affairs and success.

    Add and analyze my business signature

    Rose Goode [edit/add name]

    To the extent that you use the business signature of Rose Goode, it would restrict financial success. The opportunities that would come your way offer little scope or remuneration relative to your efforts. Invariably you are coping with technical, mechanical matters dealing with detail and routine in a limited environment lacking physical comforts. Any financial success achieved comes through steady, persistent effort and taking advantage of small opportunities to make headway.


    Adding More Names
    All the names you use are important and so we recommend that you consider completing the full order form which includes analyses of your:

    business signatures
    previous names
    birth names
    maiden names
    future names
    legal names
    Analyze more names
    Part 3: Current Destiny Created by Your Combined Names
    Your combined names of Rose Goode create the overall conditions in your life which we call your destiny. Your names have allowed a certain degree of accomplishment and success; however, there are definite drawbacks and conflicting influences that will spoil your long-term personal happiness and fulfillment, and business success. These conditions will continually occur (despite your best efforts) and will limit your success in life as long as you use these names. See the detailed descriptions below.

    Rose Goode
    Your combined names of Rose Goode draw you into technical positions, routine, and monotonous repetition. You will not receive returns proportionate to the amount of effort you expend. Your life is held down by too many details and much hard work with limited progressive results and meaningful success. You are forced to make small opportunities important and to take advantage of them to make systematic progress, but sucess comes very slow. These circumstances and lack of opportunities require a lot of patience, and result in frustration when you are striving for greater goals. You are not able to develop the broad scope of your birthpath potential nor to reach the success that you desire. These names do not provide the true happiness and freedom that is part of the expression of your birthpath qualities. Resultant tension affects the digestive system and intestinal tract.

    If you have your name and business signature balanced in harmony with your birthpath by using a Balanced Name, you will find these conditions changing to greater stability and happiness and you will be able to fulfil your ideals and reach the success you envision.
    Important Points on the 4 Destiny of your name Rose Goode
    by Dhorea Delain – Senior Name Specialist – Society of Kabalarians
    Part 4: Recommendations for Rose Goode
    Knowing that the cause of the conditions in your life is the result of using your current names, you must face the reality that as long as you keep using your names of Rose Goode the conditions and repeating patterns of experiences will not change or improve. Your undertakings will continually fall short of what they could be.
    Unfortunately as long as you use the name of Rose Goode you are drawn into monotonous repetition. You will not receive returns proportionate to the amount of effort you expend. Your life is held down by too many details and much hard work with limited progressive results and meaningful success.


    Our recommendation and solution is that you consider a Kabalarian Balanced Name that is in harmony with your inner potential as determined by your birth date of May 28, 1967. This will create the change in your thinking and the opportunities through which to express your natural abilities.

    What is a Balanced Name from the Kabalarian Philosophy?
    A Balanced Name is a first and last name balanced mathematically using the Kabalarian Philosophy’s unique understanding of the basic principles of language, name, and mind.
    A Balanced Name will be in harmony with your inner potential as determined by from your date of birth of May 28, 1967 which defined your core purpose of being a peace maker and diplomat, meeting and mixing with people, to understand others, and to help people in the solution of their problems.


    Depending on your current names, birth date, and other factors, a move to a Balanced Name involves anywhere from a simple modified spelling of one or both of your names to completely new names.




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