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    Part 1: Your Life Purpose/Birthpath – December 19, 1965
    At birth, with the first breath, a spiritual essence and purpose
    became a part of you and gave you life, caused your heart to beat,
    and your systems to work, and activated your physical growth. Your
    particular date of birth determines your unique core purpose, the
    reason for your life, and pathway you should follow for ultimate
    Whether your birthpath fully expresses depends upon your
    names, for the names create your personality and are the compelling
    forces that shape your life. The birthpath is the potential to be
    understood and consciously expressed through a mind harmonized
    to one’s purpose.
    Your purpose, determined from your date of birth, reveals a
    philosophical, contemplative influence that prompts you to seek an
    understanding of the deeper reasons for life. Your role is to bring the
    depth of philosophy into the environment where you live and work. It
    is the path of a thinker and philosopher, logician and writer. You
    could develop great powers of concentration and reasoning ability.
    The creative, imaginative, inspirational aspects of your potential
    could express with originality and ingenuity in literary composition,
    journalism, the arts, music, or drama.
    You have a kinship and love for the outdoors and a deep
    appreciation for the wonderment and beauty of nature. Time
    outdoors would give you the contentment to be found in merging
    with nature. Your greatest strength would be your theoretical,
    studious, and reflective nature. You would be intrigued by the
    unexplained, the mysteries of life, and the phenomena of nature. You
    could excel in scientific research in geology, biology, or any of the
    sciences that deal with nature and the earth.
    Your sensitive inner nature is easily disturbed by turmoil,
    superficiality, and misunderstandings that could cause you to
    become self-conscious, withdrawn, and secretive. To protect yourself,
    you could tend to live in your own thoughts. It is important for you to
    understand that this sensitivity is a natural part of your inherent
    ability to discern the depth of life, to concentrate, to explore truth,
    and to pioneer new ideas. These achievements can be realized only
    by a mind that is serene and in control of its thoughts.
    Since you are inclined to be reserved, you would reveal your deeper
    thoughts only to a close personal friend or in writing. It is important
    that you develop poise and flexibility with people, and cultivate a selfexpressive,
    happy, buoyant personality.
    These are your inner qualities, according to your birthpath, that it is
    your duty to express through your intelligence; i.e., it is your mission
    in life—but this can be materialized in action only if the plane of mind
    or desires created by the name are the same as these inherent
    qualities and coincide with a successful destiny number (See the
    section on Destiny).
    The following analysis of your names and signature will show the
    inconsistency between the expression of your personal nature
    created by your names of Angela Goode and your birthpath.
    Making a Birth Date Correction
    If there is an error in your birth date, click the following link:
    Correcting your Birth Date
    If Your Birth Time Was Near Midnight
    The calculation of your birthpath in the previous section is
    based on the widely used Gregorian calendar, which is
    recognized internationally. For births around midnight, the
    day of birth is always determined according to standard time,
    and not daylight-saving time, if it is in effect. A birth occurring in
    the half-hour between midnight and 12:30 am (standard time) is
    treated as occurring on the previous day.
    Please contact the office ( so that
    we can revise your Name Report if your time of birth was in
    either of the following periods:
    Midnight to 12:30 am standard time
    Midnight to 1:30 am daylight-saving time
    Part 2: Analysis of Your Names
    Why Names Matter
    Too many people today suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and
    materially—all due to lack of understanding of the principles of name.
    Yes, proper foods and good physical habits are essential and are the
    building blocks to a strong, healthy body, but they are not the
    complete answer. Everyone searches for happiness, health, and
    understanding. The first step towards this goal is knowing the
    reasons why you think the way you do and how your thoughts create
    your life pattern; your happiness, health, and success.
    In your Name Report, your names are analyzed using the 26-letter
    English alphabet. However the effect of your names in English may be
    modified somewhat if, in addition, your names were created from a
    different alphabet. We would be pleased to discuss this matter with
    Middle Names
    Middle names do not determine your personality traits and are not
    analyzed unless you are called by your middle name. If your middle
    name is a part of your business signature, it would have an overall
    influence in your business affairs and would be described in the
    business signature section.
    Correcting Mistakes in Your Names
    If there are spelling mistakes or missing names in the analysis below,
    click the following link to correct and redo your free Name Report:
    Make corrections
    Your First Name(s)
    Your most used first name(s) reveals your personality—your
    desires, ideals, goals, ambitions, as well as potential health
    Important: If your legal name is different than your most used
    name of Angela we would encourage to add your legal first
    name to your Name Report so you can get an analysis of this
    first name as it is a very important influence in your life. For
    Joseph (legal)
    Joe (most used)
    J (nickname)
    Add and analyze my legal first name
    Your name, Angela, creates a quiet, practical nature and a clever,
    studious, inventive mind. Scientific, technical, and mathematical
    subjects appeal to you. Being analytical and naturally studious, you
    are interested in a factual understanding of the mysteries of life and
    the universe. When you are interested in a subject, you tend be very
    thorough and meticulous, even exceedingly fussy over details. You
    are not versatile and adaptable, being instead somewhat fixed in
    your ideas and opinions.
    You need to have an idea developed step by step because it is not
    easy for you to follow a line of thought when steps are left out. Your
    methodical mind requires consistency of thought for clarity of
    concept. Reading and research interest you. You could develop great
    powers of concentration and memory as you can become completely
    absorbed in a subject to the exclusion of all else. You like to finish
    what you start without interruptions, and also to have everything in
    its place and systematically organized. Being steadfast and
    trustworthy, you are recognized as a hard worker who experiences
    satisfaction from accomplishment.
    Since you are not overly conversational and tend to be matter of fact
    and candid in your speech, you wish many times that you could be
    spontaneous, expressive, and happy-go-lucky. Because of your
    reserved nature and self-consciousness, you find it easier to express
    your thoughts through writing than verbally. Being well prepared,
    though, helps you to express verbally.
    You take life seriously and can be easily and deeply hurt. A misguided
    thought from someone can cause you to withdraw into your own
    thoughts for solace and comfort. At such times, you become moody
    and uncommunicative. You dislike crowds and prefer to limit social
    activities to a few close friends. While you long for the affection and
    understanding of close association, and enjoy home and family, you
    also require freedom, as you are independent and need a certain
    amount of time on your own. Although you do not often express your
    deeper feelings, you show your regard for others by what you do for
    them to create comfort and security. Practical creativity such as in
    craft work, cooking, or sewing appeals to you. You also enjoy the
    outdoors and activities such as gardening, hiking, and nature study.
    Your desire for heavier foods, could bring weaknesses in health
    affecting the stomach or intestinal organs, and could cause, for
    example, either constipation, arthritis, rheumatism, or growths. You
    could also experience tension affecting the respiratory organs.
    Your Surname(s)
    The family name is the influence of your background, your
    home environment, the strengths and weaknesses, and the
    hereditary traits.
    It must be clearly borne in mind that this is a generalization of the
    attributes of the surnames given, and in some cases, the
    characteristics are modified by the first name. But, if not modified by
    the first name, the attributes described will predominate. The fault
    lies in the name, and will carry on to the heirs bearing that name.
    The surname of 8-2-1Goode creates a family that has the ambition
    and vision to be successful and affluent in the material world, but,
    unfortunately, circumstances force them, time and time again to
    start over. They persevere with hard work, sometimes steamrollering
    their way through obstacles, but are denied the opportunity
    to benefit fully from their efforts; as a result, all that focused intensity
    can revert to frustration and unhappiness. Although they are loyal to
    family and friends, their tendency to be strong in their opinions and
    to say what they think regardless of the feelings of others, can create
    alienation. This surname spoils relaxation and congenial association,
    for its influence is too forceful and aggressive. Some members of this
    family may find release from this strong driving force in creative
    endeavours, possibly through innovative design and inventiveness.
    Often, attention revolves around the wishes of the most dominant
    family member. With such independent, self-centred qualities, there
    is little merging of minds or spontaneous giving to one anotherqualities
    so necessary for creating harmony and happiness in close
    relationships. The strictness and rigidity in the home environment is
    particularly stressful for those who are more sensitive and who crave
    a show of affection and understanding. Young adults often strike out
    on their own at an early age, both to remove themselves from being
    dominated and to fulfil the urge to make their own way. Weaknesses
    in the health in this family would centre either in the head, in the
    eyes, teeth, sinuses, or throat, or in the generative organs, causing
    female problems or prostate gland trouble.
    Your Combined Names(s) Create Your Destiny
    Your combined names show your desires, long-term
    ambitions, and accomplishments and create your destiny or
    your experiences and the conditions that become part of
    your life.
    Angela Goode
    The combined names of Angela Goode give you the desire for
    stability and a settled, happy life, but unfortunately you are taken into
    constantly changing experiences and unsettled conditions that result
    in setbacks and financial losses. As you tend to spread your efforts
    over too many undertakings, there is difficulty in bringing any one
    thing to a successful conclusion. Changes are forced upon you, often
    because of misunderstandings and friction with others, but also
    because of your impatience and intolerance of any restrictions or
    limitations. Those you count on the most often let you down in some
    way. You could experience accidents through impulsive action.
    Tension in the solar plexus could cause nervous indigestion and
    stomach problems.
    Your Business Signature(s)
    Your business signature denotes the degree of your financial
    success and the type of occupations you are drawn into.
    Angela Goode
    To the extent that you use the business signature of Angela Goode, it
    would create a disruption in your business dealings since any
    success in establishing stability in your affairs and finances would be
    offset by unexpected events. There would be many opportunities
    which could bring changes and new experiences but conditions
    would not allow you to pursue your undertakings to a successful
    conclusion. Friction or misunderstandings with others along with
    unfulfilled promises and obligations often thwart your plans causing
    setbacks, bitter disappointments, and financial losses.
    Adding More Names or Making Corrections
    If you have received this Name Report based on an analysis of
    only your most used first and last names and birth date, we
    recommend that you consider completing the full Name Report
    order form which includes analyses of your:
    legal names (first and last)
    business signatures
    middle name
    previous names
    birth names
    maiden names
    future names
    This will give you a more complete analysis of yourself. Click the
    following link to redo your free Name Report with additional
    names or to make corrections:
    Add more names or make corrections
    Part 3: Current Destiny Created by Your Combined Names
    Your combined names of Angela Goode create the overall conditions
    in your life which we call your destiny. Your names have allowed a
    certain degree of accomplishment and success; however, there are
    definite drawbacks and conflicting influences that will spoil your longterm
    personal happiness and fulfillment, and business success.
    These conditions will continually occur (despite your best efforts) and
    will limit your success in life as long as you use these names. See the
    detailed descriptions below.
    Angela Goode
    Your combined names of Angela Goode draw you into too
    many new experiences and sudden unpredictable changes
    that do not let you create a stable and settled life. As a result,
    you are unable to find permanent financial security and
    stability. Activities in your life may go along well for a period
    of time and then something happens to disappoint you
    severely and to force you to make changes. This destiny
    leads to missed opportunities, frequently resulting in
    personal and financial losses and your undertakings seldom
    complete to your satisfaction. The unsettledness and
    instability created by these names can lead to impulsive
    actions and accidents. These names will not allow you to
    reach the success and development of your birthpath
    qualities to the degree that you envision. Tension can affect
    the stomach because of the turbulent nature of your life.
    If you have your name and business signature balanced in
    harmony with your birthpath by using a Balanced Name,
    you will find these conditions changing to greater stability
    and happiness and you will be able to fulfil your ideals and
    reach the success you envision.
    Important Points on the 5 Destiny of your name Angela Goode
    by Dhorea Delain – Senior Name Specialist – Society of Kabalarians
    Part 4: Recommendations for Angela Goode
    Knowing that the cause of the conditions in your life is the result of
    using your current names, you must face the reality that as long as
    you keep using your names of Angela Goode the conditions and
    repeating patterns of experiences will not change or improve. Your
    undertakings will continually fall short of what they could be.
    Unfortunately as long as you use the
    name of Angela Goode you are drawn
    into too many new experiences and
    sudden unpredictable changes that
    do not let you create a stable and
    settled life. This destiny leads to
    missed opportunities, frequently
    resulting in personal and financial losses and your undertakings
    seldom complete to your satisfaction.
    Our recommendation and solution is that you consider a Kabalarian
    Balanced Name that is in harmony with your inner potential as
    determined by your birth date of December 19, 1965. This will create
    the change in your thinking and the opportunities through which to
    express your natural abilities.
    What is a Balanced Name from the Kabalarian Philosophy?
    A Balanced Name is a first and last name balanced mathematically
    using the Kabalarian Philosophy’s unique understanding of the basic
    principles of language, name, and mind.
    A Balanced Name will be in harmony
    with your inner potential as
    determined by from your date of
    birth of December 19, 1965 which
    defined your core purpose of being
    a thinker and writer. Your role is
    to bring depth and philosophy to
    the environments where you live
    and work.
    Depending on your current names, birth date, and other factors, a
    move to a Balanced Name involves anywhere from a simple modified
    spelling of one or both of your names to completely new names.
    What will I experience with a Balanced Name?
    The benefits of a Balanced Name from
    the Kabalarian Philosophy are many
    and far reaching. It will allow you to:
    Grow past the weaknesses and
    limitations from your old names that
    are spoiling your success and
    Enhance the strengths you already have
    Be consistently happier and relaxed
    Channel your efforts into new activities that will bring greater
    accomplishment, fulfilment, and contentment
    Create greater stability and success in your business, career, and

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