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    2/23/17 Rant

    My sis Rose went to have a CT SCAN for her hernia at a local Morristown TN diagnostic center. They called her back 3 hours after appt time and then they would NOT even assist her to get on the CT scanner. She calls me balling her eyes out. They treated her like shit. So upset.
    She has made herself an appt at University of Tennessee with Dr Greg Mancini. UT has always been compassionate with her obesity.
    Rosie had gastric bypass and lost over 200 lbs. BUT had to have it reversed in order to save her life and ended up gaining 90 lbs back. She cries about her weight all the time.

    Rosie’s Roho inflatable wheelchair cushion no longer holds air and she has a decubitus ulcer aka pressure sore now . Her Insurance won’t cover a new seat cushion for another 3 years. The darn seat costs almost $700.00 which we don’t have.

    I am going through a search of my own identity and what I want in life

    ….About to give up.
    So many things at once


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