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    Rosie just had her 1st episode of hypoglycemia in years. Just glad that she and I both realize when our sugars bottoms out. Dad no longer knows when it is happening which is a problem. He ends up non-responsive in an ambulance. #Diabetes

    Annual Pap Smear and Mammogram


    Ladies get your YEARLY PAP SMEAR Early detection saves lives 👸💋🌸🍒🌷👗🍑👸💋🌸🍒🌷👗🍑


    Get 1st Baseline MAMMOGRAM age 40 earlier if it breast cancer runs in your family or at high risk. After the age of 50 get a YEARLY MAMMOGRAM Early detection saves lives 👸💋🌸🍒🌷👗🍑👸💋🌸🍒🌷👗🍑

    #PapSmear #Gynecological #AnnualCheckup #Mammogram #Cancer #GetCheckedBeforeItadvances

    Angela Checkup 


    2/23/17 Rant

    My sis Rose went to have a CT SCAN for her hernia at a local Morristown TN diagnostic center. They called her back 3 hours after appt time and then they would NOT even assist her to get on the CT scanner. She calls me balling her eyes out. They treated her like shit. So […]

    Angela Personality


    Low Score : Impersonal, distant, cool, reserved, detached, formal, aloof

    High Score: Warm, outgoing, attentive to others, kindly, easy-going, participating, likes people

    INTELLECT : 69%  

    Low Score : Concrete thinking, unable to handle abstract problems

    High Score: Abstract-thinking, higher general mental capacity, […]