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    After a long sabbatical

    we are now back

    Angela & Rose

    Angela & Rose

    So much has happened in our lives.

    Good and Bad.

    I have been diagnosed with focal seizures Epilepsy and Charcot-Marie-Tooth  Syndrome Type 1A, a form of muscular dystrophy

    Took all my life for the docs to discover why I am so weak in my arms, legs, and shoulders. Severe balance issues and trouble walking. My Neurologist Dr Wheatly has ordered me a custom made BLACK powered wheelchair. Hope it gets here quickly.

    I  fell so many times in 2016 that I lost count.




    Emt’s had to come to help me get up 3 times in one week after falls. I am so weak that I am unable to get up or even roll over after a fall.

    Had back and neck injuries from the falls. A myriad of EMT’S, Docs, Nurses, Techs, and others helped me get the assistance I needed. Back and forth by ambulance to hospitals here in Morristown, TN as well as in Knoxville, TN. Even went through 3 neurologists before finding one who would listen, do labs, needle tests, EEG, MRI’s and CT Scans to diagnose me. Just glad to know what I have. There is no treatments.

    Sissy Rose is much better after going through malnutrition after gastric bypass. She almost died numerous times. She had to have the Biliopancreatic diversion with Duodendal Switch surgery REVERSED and gained some weight back.  She is still down over 100 lbs from her highest weight. She got a new customized POISON GREEN wheelchair about 3 years ago. Speedy Gonzales!

    Dad lost over 60 lbs in 2016. No reason why except he eventually had a hernia repair and gained back about 20 lbs. Assuming he may have had an infection around his hernia. Also had prostate issues and He remains cancer free from the mouth cancer he had. PTL

    In 2016, I lost over 50 lbs in addition to the over 100 lbs I had already lost from Gastric bypass ROUX-EN-Y in 2009. The weight loss was unexplained just had ZERO Appetite, After 12 months I eventually have regained my appetite. May have been related to all the epilepsy meds I was on. Currently taking no pills for seizures.

    Sadly this Malnutrition made me lose over half my hair. Even bald in spots. Cut it short in a Pixie Cut. On vitamins and doing nightly massages on my scalp. Praying it grows back in.

    We have seen Bret Michaels in concert numerous times and got backstage! Thanks Janna, Christine, Bret and the Bret Michaels Band! You all ROCK!

    I am now 51 and Rose is about to turn 50 on May 28th.

    Daddy Charles will be 76 on March 20th!

    Mommy Annabelle would have been 75 this year. RIP Dearest Mommy 1942-2006

    Rosie and I see a new RHEUMATOLOGIST Dr Raj at University of Tennessee tomorrow in Knoxville. Hoping he is a compassion dr that listens!

    Mammograms and Pap Smears for both Rosie and I are coming up soon. Pray we are still cancer free- Both of us have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Had a bunch of D&C’s and at last checkup we were cancer free. Mommy had endometrial cancer 4th Stage and survived.

    Rose was recently diagnosed with a genetic Clotting factor

    Protein S

    Hereditary Thrombophilia due to protein S deficiency

    Factor V Leiden

    Rosie’s hematologist wants dad and I both to undergo genetic testing. We may need to be on STRONGER Blood thinners than the daily baby aspirin we currently take.

    My family were major supporters and donated as much as we could afford to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign.

    Grateful for our Friends Burns Strider, Rick Hendrix and Shane Jordan and others for all the work they did for Hillary.

    Sad to see that HILLARY CLINTON lost.

    Even sadder to see DONALD TRUMP be President.

    America needs your thoughts and prayers as we undergo this difficult transition. Praying Trump is more compassionate, more intelligent, less of  a bully and can make decisions for America and not only for Himself!

    A Family friend Terri lost her 3 month old granddaughter Lillian Leigh “LILY”  recently. It is heartbreaking. All my love, compassion and prayers surround ALL of Lily’s family and friends. Lily was taken away too soon. Prayers for Lily’s brother Lincoln and Momma Tori and Papa , as well as Grandma Terri,Grandpa David and Uncle Houston.

    Recently we have become a connoisseurs of Hot Tea, Cold Tea, Herbal Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Green Tea, Fruit Tea, etc. Trying out so many flavors and brands we will start updates of the ones we like when I find the time and energy.

    Boringly tonight we are Drinking ice cold Luzianne Black Tea.

    Will end the night with some Night time calming herbal tea. YUM

    Rose and I send our love to everyone reading this.

    Serenity to all.

    Be Compassionate!



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